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Hair Care

Our hair care is full of wonderful ingredients to keep your hair nice and hydrated. From maintenance to treatments & styling, VeggiFace has all of the steps you need to achieve your desired look.


Maintenance Trio


This set contains our Lavender (SLS Free) Shampoo, Lavender Conditioner and Detangling Spray.


Styling Hair Pomade/Wax


Our Styling Hair Pomade/Wax is a versatile hair wax that works in quickly and easily, and gives a natural looking finish. Offering

Styling Hair Gel


Instructions: Apply to wet hair and allow to air dry for defined body, and waves. Apply to dry hair for hold, and


Broccoli Seed Hair Oil


Broccoli Seed Oil is great for your hair and skin. It is extremely moisturizing and adds a lot of shine to your hair. Does it smell like broccoli? Yes, it does have a scent similar to broccoli. But please be assured the smell dissipates very quickly.

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